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A Second Opinion

Serious Illness or End of Life Planning

Primary Care Telehealth

A Second Opinion

For patients located in Washington state, seeking a second opinion for a medical question or review of hospital or clinic records

One time consult   |   $85*

As an internist, my expertise is seeing the big picture of my patient's health needs, synthesizing complex and sometimes conflicting information to get at the root of the problem. I can help by carefully considering your medical history and working together to figure out what's going on and what are your next best steps. I can then communicate this directly to your other healthcare providers if requested.

This service is for patients located in WA.

*Reimbursable through your FSA or HSA

Doctor with Files
Second Opinion

Serious Illness or End of Life Planning

For patients located in Washington state, who are facing a serious illness requiring hospitalization or are seeking help to address  goals, plans and concerns for end of life care 

2 hr  $150*  

Planning for the end of one's own life, or the life of a loved one, can be disorienting and overwhelming. Similarly, becoming seriously ill and requiring hospitalization can be an overwhelming experience for a patient and family members. 


It has been a privilege to provide palliative care as a hospitalist at the University of Washington, and I would be honored to help you through a challenging chapter in your life (or that of a loved one).


Conversations may cover:

  • Planning ahead to clarify wishes in anticipation of future illness

  • Difficult decision making in the face of critical illness

  • Arranging for me to connect directly with the in-hospital care team to communicate and advocate on behalf of the patient or family.


This service is for patients in WA, and may be spaced out over several days at no extra cost.

*Reimbursable through your FSA or HSA

Comforting Hands
End of Life

Primary Care

For patients located in Washington state, seeking a long term patient-physician relationship 

Monthly  |   $95/mo*

Yearly     |   $59/mo*

Once you join my practice, you can message, call or video chat directly with me, as often as you need. At no extra cost.

As your primary physician, we will develop a longitudinal relationship. I will guide and advocate for you in the US medical system. While I will not be able to examine you in person, we will begin with a comprehensive history and review of your medical records to understand your health and ailments. Through texts, secure email, phone calls and/or video conferencing, I will coordinate and collaborate with your other providers, including if you are hospitalized. My records will be available to you online, and I will be able to order tests and prescriptions.

This service is for patients residing in WA. After we have established a patient-doctor relationship I can care for you when you travel outside of WA in most US states and in the UK. 

*Reimbursable through your FSA or HSA

Doctor's Appointment
Primary Care
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