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Health Professional Case Consultation

Peer to peer consultation for a colleague practicing allopathic or complimentary medicine, seeking input on a diagnostic or management challenge

30min  |   $65

I am passionate about working collaboratively with my colleagues to address complex clinical challenges. Together we can balance each other's cognitive biases, clinical knowledge gaps and comfort with uncertainty. For consultations, I draw from my experiences at Harborview, writing and editing medical reference material at Amboss and a deep respect for the power of bringing together unique perspectives to approach a clinical puzzle. 

This service is for MD, ND, DO and advanced practitioner peers licensed to care for patients in the US.

Typical consultations may include:

  • Weighing a cost-conscious but thorough diagnostic workup

  • Creative treatment options

  • Navigating ethical dilemmas

  • Checking to "make sure I'm not missing anything"

Doctor Analyzing X-Rays
Physician Consult

Communication Skills Coaching

Individualized coaching for colleagues seeking to sharpen communication skills with patients or learners

60min  |   $95

During my training at the University of Washington, I developed expertise in giving highly effective and actionable feedback, "motivational interviewing" and holding end of life conversations. The central theme among these skills is clear communication that centers the learner or patient.


This coaching service is for colleagues around the world who are seeking personalized feedback and mentorship to strengthen communication skills.

Skills Coaching
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