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Collaborating for Your Health

David Levitt MD
Online Medical Services


About David Levitt MD

Telemedicine primary care for people in WA state, featuring:

  • Transparent pricing

  • Same day scheduling

  • No revolving door of doctors

  • No waiting room

  • No time limit on your appointments

This is an independent practice, so I get to space out my appointments to meet the needs of patients when you need me the most. Whether that's a deep dive into a chronic health concern, or a quick text for a prescription refill or some medical advice – I'm here for you. The cost and scope of the care I provide are transparent and adaptable to your needs. 

Physicians United is the pioneering organization that provides the tools to make this practice possible (click here for FAQs). Join me for a grounded and better patient-doctor relationship.


David and family in Seattle

Harborview by Jean Sherrard.jpg

Harborview Medical Center

Education and Experience

  • BS in Neurobiology, University of Washington 2006

  • MD, University of California, San Francisco 2011

  • Internal Medicine Residency, UW Seattle 2014

  • Faculty, Harborview Medical Center 2014 - 2021

At Harborview, my career centered on teaching students and residents, supporting my colleagues and providing care for marginalized populations.  

  • Medical Editor at Amboss 2021 - present

I am part of a team of physicians writing and editing an online reference book for clinicians. At Amboss we strive to improve the tools that physicians use to learn and look up information that helps them care for their patients. 


How can I help you?

Online Services For Patients

As my patient, together, you and I get to decide how I can best help you with your health concerns and questions. I have deep connections to physicians at the University of Washington medical system, as well as practitioners of complementary and alternative medicine in Seattle. By tapping into this network, I will help you evaluate the cost and benefit of a range of testing and treatment options, while centering your health care goals. 


Connect with me for a one-time consultation, or subscribe on a monthly or yearly basis and I will be your personal physician -  just a quick text or email away. My hope is that I can help you understand what your body and other providers are telling you about your health, and to help you navigate US healthcare systems. 

For people located in Washington state, the services I provide include:

For Colleagues
Insurance Policy
Cell phone on a notepad, next to a laptop

Direct Payment Model

No insurance required or accepted. This service is available to everyone, including those who have insurance but:

  • Face high copays for care

  • Find it burdensome to travel, find parking, and/or sit in waiting rooms to see their in-network care providers

  • Are just not happy with their insured coverage


I bill for clinical services though Physicians United, and you may submit bills for full reimbursement from an FSA/HSA


Insurance Policy

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